Japanese Frozen Food Delivery!

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to buy products other than frozen

★Frozen Japanese food delivery (shipping by -15 ° C frozen vehicle) in Thailand ★
【250฿ Shipping!】for all supported areas in Thailand!

Shipping by frozen viecle of SCG EXPRESS (known as Thai Kuroneko Yamato in Japan)
We can keep the product frozen until it arrives at your home or restaurant!

  • Shipping Fee!

    (for each box)
    for All supported
    areas in Thailand

Delivery Areas

The delivery area of “Cool Ta-Q-Bin” is limited to some areas, but it is now possible to place orders from customers living far away who have been difficult to visit our store!

Bangkok Metropolitan

For customers in other areas

We can ship by SCG “Normal tempreature shipping” for250฿ shipping fee(additonal 100฿ for 2kg-dry-ice is going to be packed together so that keep products frozen.)
“Normal tempreature shipping” also available to shipall kinds of items (not only frozen food).
If you’re interested please feel free to contact us

type size weight Metro-Area other
40 ≦40cm ≦20kg 140฿ 180฿
60 ≦60cm ≦20kg 155฿ 200฿
80 ≦80cm ≦20kg 185฿ 230฿
100 ≦100cm ≦20kg 215฿ 260฿
120 ≦120cm ≦20kg 245฿ 290฿
Bangkok metropolitan area
type size Delivery Fee
40 ≦40cm 140฿
60 ≦60cm 155฿
80 ≦80cm 185฿
100 ≦100cm 215฿
120 ≦120cm 245฿
Other Areas
type size Delivery Fee
40 ≦40cm 180฿
60 ≦60cm 200฿
80 ≦80cm 230฿
100 ≦100cm 260฿
120 ≦120cm 290฿

About product for Cool Ta-Q-Bin

Website doesn’t show all prodcuts but popular / best seller products, that’s usually have enough stocks.

If you request other products, please feel free to contact us

Some of products show a ruler for size guide,
but if products has thickness or height, ruler might have small gap.

Delivered in a minimum of 3 business days

Customer order / We check if products are in stocked and announce you confirmed price.
After payment is confirmed, we start packing, and prepare for shipping.
Ship the product
Product will be delivered one day after shipping.

Shipping Schedules (sample)

Closing time for 3-day-shipping : 12:00
“3-day-shipping” is vaild for the customers who confirmed payment before 12:00, from Monday to Thursday.
※On Saturday & Sunday, & national holiday the service for “Cool Ta-Q-Bin” is closed.

order day (shortest) shipment (shortest) delivery
Mon.,Sun. Tue. Wed.
Tue. Wed. Thu.
Wed. Thu. Fri.
Thu. Fri. Sat.
Fri.,Sat. Mon. Tue.

How to order

Please select the products and add to cart.
You don’t have to pay in web order process. Please feel free to order.
※The total price shown in shopping cart is provisional price and not confirmed yet.
We will contact you to inform the confirmed price after we check inventory and price for the ordering products.
The products we stores in website usually have enough inventory, but we sells same products at real store.
Sometimes, temporary-out-of-stock might happen due to bulk purchase.
We also have some of variable-price-products those are sold by weight.
For these reasons, we will contact every customers to inform details and confirmed price.
We will ship products after you agree the confirmed price. (If you pay by “Direct bank transfer”, products will be shipped after the payment is confirmed.)

Bank transfer Information


※Please kindly note that we cannot accept cancel-order after shipping the product.