MaKoRu Japanese Food Delivery!

Hokkaido Gyoren Fair
makotoya original yuzu ponzu yuzuppon

Minimum order ฿500
near makotoyaover 10km

Due to the revision of shipping charges by SCG Express,
the delivery fee would have been changing. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Within 10kmDelivered by Makotoya Delivery fee ฿50

Supported areas for ฿50-delivery (by postal code)

  • All areas10110103301050010312
  • Some closer areas1012010240102501026010310104001030010100▲If you are using Google map for Mobile with GPS, you can check distance by WALKING DISTANCE from Route to Makotoya
over 10kmDelivered by SCG Express Frozen Items ฿250 / Dry items ฿200
All other postal code areas than above is over 10km.

Service details

Delivered in a minimum of 3 business days

Customer order / We check if products are in stocked and announce you confirmed price.
After payment is confirmed, we start packing, and prepare for shipping.
Ship the product
Product will be delivered one day after shipping.

Shipping Schedules (sample)

Closing time for 3-day-shipping : 12:00
“3-day-shipping” is vaild for the customers who confirmed payment before 12:00, from Monday to Thursday.
※On Saturday & Sunday, & national holiday the service for “SCG Express” is closed.

order day (shortest) shipment (shortest) delivery
Mon.,Sun. Tue. Wed.
Tue. Wed. Thu.
Wed. Thu. Fri.
Thu. Fri. Sat.
Fri.,Sat. Mon. Tue.

How to order

Please select the products and add to cart.
You don't have to pay in web order process. Please feel free to order.
※The total price shown in shopping cart is provisional price and not confirmed yet.
We will contact you to inform the confirmed price after we check inventory and price for the ordering products.
The products we stores in website usually have enough inventory, but we sells same products at real store.
Sometimes, temporary-out-of-stock might happen due to bulk purchase.
We also have some of variable-price-products those are sold by weight.
For these reasons, we will contact every customers to inform details and confirmed price.
We will ship products after you agree the confirmed price. (If you pay by “Direct bank transfer”, products will be shipped after the payment is confirmed.)

Bank transfer Information

We will inform you after the total price is confirmed.

※Please kindly note that we cannot accept cancel-order after shipping the product.

฿50 Delivery area


●●● If in case of hurry ●●●
if in case our messenger is full or not available,
we can call GRAB-bike instead of using our messanger.

It is available for customer who can pay by bank transfer,
and needed to pay the delivery fee by yourself.

Terms of use

Following are the usage conditions.
I hope you will understand me ♪

  • Who can
    stay home
    and receive
    phone calls

  • Same-day delivery is possible
    by ordering until 8am
    (delivered mainly
    from the next day)
  • You can choose time from three time zones
  • who can speak
    simple Thai
    Thai driver
    will call
    upon arrival
  • simple packing with no ice pack
  • There may be
    some delay
    due to traffic
  • Cash on delivery or
    Bank transfer
    When you need change
    We will prepare
  • if you are in a hurry
    we can call GRAB
    *Limited service for customer after
    transfer confirmed
  • We will check stock and contact you.
    We also sell them at the stores at the same time, so please forgive us if in case out of stock.
We are selling more products at the store.
Please drop in at the store when you are near us♪

Commercial size is also available for customers who wish to use it for commercial purposes.
Please contact us ♪

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